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Trip To Bozcaada

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After touring the Troia, we decided to go Bozcaada. Our car through with  my favorite of Aegean village roads  landing  there. Geyikli. From here, we boarded the ferry. and headed to Bozcaada. Our Sea journey was quite windy.When wWe aproaching the Island,  I have felt like aproacching to Lampedusa  (Italy) myself . We  walked around a bit in Bozcadada. I love this place. Cultivation of Wine is quite common in Bozcadada. I think it stems from the structure of the soil of the island.

Sad Story of Troy

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Troy works of art known as the Treasury, was kidnapped in 1873 by the German amateur archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann. Today, the majority of the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, on display in the Museum of Berlin in the works is a part of the film was abducted a script will remove the stone. Then took legal action against the Ottoman Empire monuments, and even works to bring it back but it was not enough to even kept sleuth.
From the name of the ancient settlement of Troy … Early Bronze age, continued to exist until around 505 AD .. 3 thousand 500-year earthquake in the process, due to the war destroyed eight times, re-established. However, none of this civilization, the German amateur archaeologist Schliemann did not hurt much. 19th in the last quarter of the century, with the dream of finding treasure where his excavations Troya, and the treasures of the ancient city destroyed by playing both broke homeland.
Since childhood, Schlieman wanted to find the treasure of Homer’s Troy. Schliemann’s first visit to the Troy at 1868. Mound viewed with pinarbasi Hisar. Cliff in Pinarbasi didn’t look like the city he read of Homeros ‘Achilles chases Hector . Hisarl?ktepe described in the Iliad epic Troy was most similar. The size of the hill, the plain view of Mount Ida dominance and convinced him.

Along with his wife, had

Excavation permit in late May 1873 in accordance with the Ottoman empire He began to excavate the mound from top to bottom. He Explains his loggs  how he found the treasure: “When understatd of it came treasures I said  ‘knock off’ workers pushed you away, and then he went to my dear wife and life-threatening Schliemann’la Sofia in Sofia Schliemann’s treasures there hands on my wife with a knife scrape the bottom of the skirt and the hut we have kept it. The treasures of a great kingdom crowns, buckles, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, copper and bronze helmet red shawl wrapped … This treasure of Priam”
Schliemann found that works is slowly starting to take. According to Ottoman archival documents at the beginning of April and the end of May, the Greek ship captain Andrea treasures of darkness Athens taking the port. Enough to carry in your pocket, the youngest, is making customs Canakkale. Why is he doing this? Schliemann excavated in 1871, is allowed. 1869 Asar-ı Atika (Old Author) according to regulation which finds the” one-third of the works found, one-third of the land owner, will be one-third of the state. Never abroad can not take part in its own right.”

1 million 50 thousand francs!
The Ottoman state, heads of customs in charge of the works will be imposed upon hearing kidnapped. Director of Imperial Museum in Athens after sending the artifacts Dethier’i sue in 1874. However, I lost the case in 1874. This time, the Greek courts to get an appeal. Schliemann Greek appeals court overturned the ruling in June the first portion of the shares in the hands of the Ottoman asks works. Schliemann refuses. Athens Schliemann’s house to spy on the Ottoman Empire shamus salary amount of 500 francs. However, the works of Schliemann missed.
Leads to the Ottoman state a claim for compensation of 1 million francs. The case takes 10 months. Greek court, the amount of compensation is ten thousand francs. He quits understands and works can not cope with the Ottoman Empire. House of the decision taken in 1875, the Ministry of Education spent a lot of money, and the result can not be obtained for the case amicably for the decision rendered in neticelendirilmesin. In order to keep Schliemann between the Ottoman and proposes to grant 50 thousand francs. This offer is also acceptable.

24-year Treasury in Troy 4 thousand 500 pieces of works brought to Turkey on September 1, and was introduced by the Culture and Tourism Minister Ertugrul Gunay. Gunay, “In 2009, the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage Museum of Smuggling Branch publications Penn collaborators met Troy works are likely to have originated. Penn Museum received them in 1966, but output is illegal by legal means, “he said. Missed works in the pursuit of Turkey, close to the work of 4500 brought back since 2003. Gunay, “Soon Bulgaria will bring a lot of work,” he says.

There are positive signs for a refund
Schliemann, the Ottomans ‘peace’ relieved after the decision. Wants to sell works of museums in Europe because no one wants to buy stolen. Holds the title of honorary citizen of Berlin Museum Berlin Schliemann is donating works. 2 Until World War I, then disappears works exhibited here.
In 1994, the territory of Russia acknowledges that works. Russia wants to return through the works of Foreign Affairs of Turkey can not achieve the results. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in recent years, has re-launched bilateral negotiations for the return of the treasure. The Ministry states that improvements in the works for a refund.

Meeting with my friends from Etsy

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The concept of friendship is important for me. I don’t use the “Friend” word for everyone. My friends are people who care about my entire life.  I met yesterday with my two friends met the internet.  Sukran and Aynur .  Sukran is always lead to  us and  sharing what she know.  Aynur is sharing what she know, too. And both are very talented and good and kind people. 

We met Ortakoy (Istanbul). Just like in the movies. Three people actually don’t know each other. But we  were like to know each other for many years. We walked down Besiktas.  And we have  chat in a cafe.  These moments are one of the times which I will not forget  of my life.  I enjoyed every seconds and every conversation.

I love you girls…

Last Weekend, What I did?


This photo was taken on the yard of Sehzadebası Mosque on 2th June Sunday. This is my two handsome sons. They look very cute is not it? However,  they don’t agree with each other.

So What About Sehzade Mosque ( Taken from Wikipedia)

The Sehzade Mosque  is an Ottoman imperial mosque located in the district of Fatih, on the third hill of Istanbul, Turkey. It is sometimes referred to as the “Prince’s Mosque” in English.

The Sehzade Complex was commissioned by Ottoman Sultan Süleyman II, also known as Süleyman the Magnificent and Qanuni, the Lawgiver, (reg. 1520-1566 CE / AH 924-976) to commemorate his favorite son Sehzade Mehmed (1520-1543 CE / AH 924-950) upon his early passing in 1543. Twenty-two years old at the time of his death, Sehzade Mehmed was killed while returning to Istanbul after a victorious military campaign in Hungary. Mehmed was the eldest son of Süleyman’s only legal wife – although not his eldest so, Sultans  would not do marriage in the Ottoman Empire. Hurrem  married the Sultan of the first Haseki. Smart women. The first male child has the right to throne of the sultan. This child does not have to be the wife of the sultan. One of the Sultan’s concubines bear a male child, She will win a very important position. Especially İf He was the first male child of Sultan, She had got  an even stronger position. – and before his untimely death he was primed to accept the sultanate following Süleyman’s reign. Süleyman is said to have personally mourned the death of Mehmed for forty days at his temporary tomb in Istanbul, the site upon which famed imperial architect Sinan (1490-1588 CE / AH 895-996) would quickly construct a lavish mausoleum to Mehmed as one part of a larger funerary külliye, or mosque complex, dedicated to the princely heir. The mosque complex was Sinan’s first imperial commission and ultimately one of his most ambitious architectural works, even though it was designed early in his long career.

My Creative Space

 Today has been quite the creative day for me!
I did something a little bit out of my comfort zone and met up with a lovely group of ladies for some social hookie, a very nice way to spend the morning, they were very friendly and making some lovely things, I’m looking forward to catching up with them again.
 And later ! I did some stuff for my shop

work 010

work 002



My biggest hobby, creating a huge mess :)..

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Happy Sunday!